33rd episode - Our apartment is super (02.05.2017)
Painting is fun. With my mother, we clean the toys, and our dad's t-shirts are batiked. One room is orange and the other is violet. We look forward to our new room, but before that we will visit Majda's concert.
32nd episode - Cutting of fallow deer and painting (26.04.2017)
Uncle Milan is not our uncle, but it does not matter. He gave our father a half-deer, and dad drove it home. The blood dropped from the bag and people looked. We are preparing for painting the apartment, and my dad plucked the wire from the ceiling lamp. Mommy's taking us into the kitchen.
31st episode - Slavoj Houslice (25.04.2017)
Our family is playing football for the third generation for Slovan Lochovice. In the District Championship series, the club was renamed to Slavoj Houslice. Grandma Pája does not like artists from Prague and dad got bronchitis. It was because of drinking alcohol, says grandmother.
30th episode - Trail Gator drawbar (19.04.2017)
When parents are mad and drag their children with the bikes to wilderness, the Trail Gator drawbar will help. Because otherwise we would not pass those 50 kilometers in the hills on children's bicycles. But when Majda gets a big bike, she has to pedal herself.
29th episode - Child bike 24 inches (18.04.2017)
We are patriots and we buy Czech bicycles, even though they are made in Taiwan. Our 24 "children's bike has an air fork and weighs 11 kg. This is about 9kg less than weighing a bike from a hypermarket. Majenka chose a lightweight carbon super bike. Dad is no longer laughing.
28th episode - Child bikes 12 - 20 inches (12.04.2017)
We're ploding on the bikes from our childhood. We were both looking forward to getting a bike with a derailleur, because we were badly hampered by a torpedo bike. At the end of the episode you will find a table with the partition of the children's bikes according to the age of the child.
27th episode - Bikes for the smallest (11.04.2017)
We'll advise you, when to ride the walking bike and which small twelve-inch bike to buy. Of course, the lightest one. And we will tell you, how children's bikes are divided by size.
26th episode - Pubs and the European Union (05.04.2017)
We find good pubs, but those have recently been declining. That's why we have a lot of inventions that will help us survive in the wild. Perhaps fast food or a puddle water filter.
25th episode - Bicycle meal - dry meat and fruit (04.04.2017)
We ride through the wilderness and we need a lot of energy. We have already evereated with sweet sticks Majda has apple allergy. What with this? We started making dried meat and fruit. It's a real treat!
24th episode - Skiing in Mitterdorf (28.03.2017)
When we lost accommodation in the Giant Mountains, we started skiing in the Bohemian Forest. Or rather in the Bavarian Forest, where the slopes are beautifully landscapeduntil spring, parking id free and people are polite. And for kids, tea is free!
23rd episode - Hamax Siesta bicycle seat (21.03.2017)
With the child bike seat you can go to every terrain, but it is not for very small babies. Majda had been riding on it from early childhood, Týnka started with Chariot Cougar. Majda enjoyed the bike seat, Týnka was cold. And even the feather jacket did not help.
22nd episode - Tibetan kefir sponge (14.03.2017)
In order to live to hundred years, we've got a kefir sponge from Tibet. It just called the sponge but it does not grow in the woods, but in the milk. Quickly multiplied and severed by a legend distributed to friends. Dalai Lama brought it to Vaclav Havel. And through friends of friends it came to us.
21st episode - Hospital in Valmez (08.03.2017)
Majda sailed across the handlebars at the Velký Javornik downhill ride. We already know the hospital in Valmez. Majda then got the new bike - with disc brakes and a air fork.
20th episode - We know all the hospitals (07.03.2017)
Týnka has a brain stroke. We already know the hospital in Vimperk. Thanks to a visit to the hospital, we can eat 60 pounds of honey a year. The tablet is insidious and Týnka has shakes her brain again. We are going to the hospital in Vrchlabi. We also know the hospital in Nové Město na Moravě.
19th episode - Sucking lice, Bulovka and hundreds of mosquitoes (02.03.2017)
Borrowing a foreign helmet does not pay off. Destroing sucking lice is annoying and expensive case. Mommy sprained her ankle during walk and the emergency in Bulovka was the terrible experience. And when camping, we almost have been eaten by mosquitoes.
18th episode - Meadow Hut and nephritis (01.03.2017)
In the Bohemian Forest, my mum almost aborted. But it turned out well and so here is Majda with Týnka today. When Týnka was tiny, we were all in the Giant Mountains. And because we were badly cold, our parents bought the best equipment.
17th episode - Blue Life (28.02.2017)
Our expeditions are accompanied by a lot of injuries and illnesses. Mom when getting out with a stroller she blocked her back on Snezka. Dad falled over the bike handlebars. In Kokořínsko. In order not to be sick, we need to be stiffened and strenghtened. We are fulfilling the blue life.
16th episode - Chariot Cougar (21.02.2017)
In the Bohemian Forest it can cool in a moment. At eight degrees above zero and in a thunderstorm only Týnka in the charriot is dry. We also drive to Radhoš with the charriot. Up the slopes. This is for a change in 40°C. Mom is a heroine.
15th episode - Homemade cheese labneh (15.02.2017)
Dad is saving up money and he bought two yogurts. Two for the price of one. We do not eat two liters of yogurt per week, so we make homemade cheese from yoghurt. According to the recipe of one British biochemist. In our instructions, you can do it well.
14th episode - Homemade yoghurt (14.02.2017)
Ham from Billa smells bad, so we make homemade ham. That's what Dad told about in Boys in Action TV cooking series. We were there too and we were baking Christmas sweets. Because the purchased yogurt is not worth much, we also make it ourselves. How to do it? We'll show you now.
13th episode - Bicycle child seat and schnitzel in Horomerice (09.02.2017)
In 2007 Majda started to ride with her parents sitting on the bike seat. Of course in the field, because the parents do not drive on the roads. In Horomerice there is a great buffet where you can eat huge schnitzels. They are a bit greasy, but whoever is tough, it can last.
12th episode - Dad has rabies (08.02.2017)
Dad on bike was bited by dog. Hell, it hurt and Dad thought he would get rabies. Police officers rode car like in action film, but it was not very valid. And when Dad was getting ready for the vaccination, it ended unexpectedly.
11th episode - Wedding (07.02.2017)
Wedding is a great event for all, but child, when she is a year, is sleeping always. And how was it that Majda was at the wedding of her parents? They just did not be in time.
10th episode - Tandoor and Yam Yam (02.02.2017)
We like exotic cuisine. The best Indian restaurant is not in Prague but in Prachatice. And when dad visited the Thai Restaurant he took the hottest soup in the world. For the first time and the last time.
9th episode - Hunting Pub (01.02.2017)
During the culinary trip we will visit the best pub in Šumava. Where it lies, they're only talking to their best friends. And we meet Ondřej Hejma and we sing.
8th episode - Our favorite pub (31.01.2017)
We enjoy visiting pubs. On expeditions and at home in Prague too. We love Running sushi. And also Ambiente. All you can eat. We love hot, but our grandmother Paja likes potato pancakes.
7th episode - Spejbl and Hurvínek (25.01.2017)
After returning to Prague, all of us visited the interesting exhibition - Spejbl and Hurvínek in the Museum of the City of Prague. You knew that, that Hurvinek is almost a hundred years old? Will we go to Running sushi for lunch?
6th episode - Žďár Hills (24.01.2017)
The winter expedition Žďárské vrchy 2016 with complete team with our two grandmothers did not fail completely as expected. We are sick with our mother, dad goes on tour with grandma Paja. Ten miles in the snow. After two days, my grandmother has enough. And Grandma Majka grabbed her back.
5th episode - To Boubín and Sněžka (18.01.2017)
After returning from the Bohemian Forest, parents go to Brdy. Even in winter. Majenka went too. In the belly of mummy. Until the seventh month. Then she travels in the stroller. On Boubín after the wind over the grabbed trees. And also to Snezka. By foot already.
4th episode - Wedding trip to Jiljí (17.01.2017)
When Dad and Mum met, they went to Kokorinsko. My dad wanted to check out what the mother would do. And how did that happen? For so long my dad was pulling, until he was completely down. And then the parents went to the Bohemian Forest, but Dad did not pull out anymore.
3rd episode - As we almost died (12.01.2017)
We train for travel to the seaside. We have already passed most of our mountain range. We have been in the mood since early childhood, and sometimes we risk our lifes, for example like in a blizzard in the Giant Mountains or in the Sázava rapids. Dad says: "Be glad you have a lot of fun!"
2nd episode - Expedition (11.01.2017)
We do not go on vacation but on expeditions. Cycling in the wild wilderness. We're tired of it, and we want to go to sea once again. Dad agrees. We'll go to the sea. On bikes.
1st episode - Majda and Týnka (10.01.2017)
It is well in housing estate in Prague. Týnka is in good shape, she is eating vegetables and she likes homemade bread, Majda loves sweet. What happens when the paprika salami disappears?